Did King Zedekiah Of Judah Have Any Daughters?


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Queen Elizabeth would not be on her throne today if it wasnt for the FACT she carries the blood of Zedekiah which was passed down by tia tephi his daughter, one of three. T-T married into the seed of HEREMON and united ancient Israelite bloodlines in Ireland where she became queen by marrying the ONeill high king EOCHAID MAc EIRC.You clearly have a dislike towards the Irish,try being nicer to them ,they might more of their huge history with you
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Bible isn't that specific, we don't know. We only know he had at least one son.

King Zedekiah started life out as (according to the Biblical story) as Mattaniah, which means "gift from God". Mattaniah was the 3rd son of King Josiah of Judah. Zedekiah ascended to the throne of Judah as a nominal puppet of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar changed Mattaniah's name to Zedekiah as he put him on the throne, (which means "God's righteousness"), just so that he (Nebuchadnezzar) could show everyone how much power he had over Judah.

Of course, according to the Hebrew tradition, Jehovah wasn't best pleased about Zedekiah being such a pawn and a wimp. Hebrew prophets said that the reason Babylon was over-running Judah was because of people's sins. Zedekiah ignored the advice to try to get his people to be more pious, instead tried to muster a rebellion. That badly failed and Zedekiah was captured by the Babylonians.

What's worse, he was forced to watch his sons be tortured and killed.Nebuchadnezzar let Zedekiah live, but only so he could see the kingdom of Judah broken up and demolished.

Some versions of the story imply that Zedekiah's "children" were killed before his eyes. Probably the ancient words used could mean either just boys or both boys and girls.

There is a modern legend that the Prophet Jeremiah brought two surviving daughters of Zedekiah to Ireland and they founded a lost branch of Israelites... er, right. Like anybody in ancient middle east would have A) wanted to go to a iron-age civilisation like Ireland, and B) knew it existed.
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Yes, he had daughter's. They killed his sons thinking that if they did that, they would kill any possible kings for their near future and King David's line. But God had other plans. They forgot his daughters.

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