What Do You Think, Democracy Is A Curse Or Blessing?


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The word democracy is described as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Most of the countries of the world have adopted or trying to adopt this system of government because this is very much liked and chosen by the people. Your question whether democracy is a curse or blessing can be explained like this.
As I have told above that democracy means a system of government for the people of that particular country, definitely it has full support and liking from the public of that country. People are well aware of their rights in democracy. They choose their own leaders and they can get and fight for their basic rights in this system of government. In other systems like monarchy and marshal law, sometimes people of that country are even deprived of their basic human rights and they cannot lead the life of their will and liking. Though democracy in less educated countries may sometimes become a curse but even then it is better than other systems of government. I can very well say that democracy is not a curse at all but you can say it is a great blessing for the people of that country.
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There are different forms of government out of these. Democracy is the form of government that allows people to participate directly as it is defined as the government of people,for the people,by the people. Thus,it revolves around the word"People", acquiring what they want and what they don't want to see in their system. But this rule of people becomes a curse, if there is no checks and balances in the system .The organs of government, on which it is supposed to run, gets rusty if thy are not allowed to work freely. Proper checks and balances ensures independent working of these organs namely administration,legislature, judiciary and media. Their decisions should be unbiased and freedom of speech should be granted, but this freedom should not be taken for granted such that in the name of freedom,they cross their limits,set by the constitution of the country as it is the authorized document to run the government machinery. Hence the rule of law should prevail.In this way, Democracy can be definitely a blessing.
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An illiterate population cannot make a good Government!!!!! By democracy
THANKS !!! And think over it
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I think democracy is a blessing because people have the freedom of speech and it gives everyone a fair trail for speech.
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Depends.  If the country has Functional Democracy.i.e.  Where people have the power of participating in the decision making process, then its a blessing.

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