What Did The Rich People Of Ancient Rome Eat?


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romans where disgusting!!! And it still is!!

you know that vatican got the most silver reserves in the world,they are like totally rich, while they talk about roman catholicism and somekinda peace o their own and some pagan doctrines, while masses starve with hunger and poverty and their children get molested by their "priests",.....and they call them selfs a christians, while they took second comandment of Ten Commandmenst from the Bible and totaly erased it,where it says " do not bow to any man or image of paint or animal, or do not make any statues of anykind", cause that would be idolatory,...and they devided 10th commandment into 9 and 10 where it says "do not covet" and that is the ONE commandment that means DO NOT COVET,...but they did that so that they could cover second commandment which they took away from their books and chatecisms,...go check Exodus 20, and Deuteronomy 5,..and then go check chatecism of roman chatolic church.

They actualy shortened 4th Commandment that says, "Remember the Sabbat day to keep it Holy", for that day is the day when you Rember your God and relationship with him....and they shorten that COmmandment from around 80 to 8, 10 letters.

Just awful,...the actually call them self Gods,...also in chatecism and they say that they have right to change Commandments of GOd.....

but God warned us about them in Daniel 7:25....

Beware of roman chatolics,..they are the "beast" of Revelation, and they would try to put mark of the beast on people which is as they call lords day (they lord or ceasare) , or image of roman chatolic church....which is SUN-DAY (pagan rome worship god sun,aka lucifer,...and i thing they are doing the same thing today!!)

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They ate mostly meat and sweet things ...vegetables were for commoners.....but what's disturbing is that they had little buckets back then for the rich people so they can throw up in it so they can eat more...I think that's disturbing and wrong..."hey charlie why don't we throw up in this bucket right here instead of feeding all this extra food to all the starving slaves we keep in our basement...."

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