Who Is Byron Looper?


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Byron or 'Low Tax' Looper was born as Byron Anthony Looper on the 15th of September, 1964, in Tennessee. He is a former politician, but is currently an inmate of the Tennessee State Penal System. In order to progress in his political career and reach desired heights of success, he legally changed his middle name to 'Low Tax'. He was officially convicted for the murder of the Tennessee state Senator Tommy Burks, his political opponent.
In 1998, Looper vyied for the coveted Republican nominations for the sixth Congressional District of Tennessee and the Tennessee State Senate. He lost the Congressional nomination and that too, to a candidate who was not under indictment. This resulted in him finishing last in a field of four candidates. However, he won the state senate nomination by default, since he was the only Republican candidate on role. This resulted in him being pitted against the conservative candidate, the Democratic state senator Burks.
On the morning of the 19th of October, the local police authorities were called to investigate a 'likely' murder at the Burks' farm. The Senator's body was discovered, with his head against the steering wheel of his SUV. He was on record for a conversation he had moments earlier with a farmhand, Wesley Rex. Both men professed to seeing a black car, driven by a man in sunglasses and wearing black gloves. They had spotted the car being driven by the farm on many occasions that morning. The car somehow had later sped by Rex's truck, allowing Rex to get a view of the driver, Byron Looper.
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Byron Anthony Looper was born on the 15th of September in the year 1964, in Putnam County, Tennessee. He is basically a former politician who is currently in jail and is serving prison time as he was convicted for the murder of Tennessee State Senator Tommy Burks in 1998. During his political career her changed his middle name from Anthony to Low Tax and is know to the American people as Byron (Low Tax) Looper. Looper was in the U.S Military academy but was honorably discharged because of a knee injury that he received. After being discharged he moved to Georgia. There he joined politics and became an aide to his uncle and fellow Democrat, Max Looper. His uncle was a very active member of the Ku Klux Clan (Anti African – American people).    In the year 1992 he returned to Tennessee and became Republican and changed his middle name to (Low Tax) and was backed by his party and became the Putnam County Tax Assessor. In the year 1998 Looper ran for the Putnam County State Legislation Office. His competition was Senator Tommy Burks who had represented Putnam County in the state legislature for 28 years. He was quite popular in his district. Looper was destined to loose. In a desperate attempt to win Looper murdered senator Banks and fled. Later a worker at the Banks farm identified Looper as the murderer. He was convicted and given life imprisonment.

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