How Does Culture And Lifestyle Affect Behavior?


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Well firstly behavior is a learnt , you learn to react , how to behave and so forth due to how you were socialized . People belong to different cultures and different cultures allow for different behaviours . For instance I am a trinidadian , I live in the caribbean my culture has thought me that religion is important, we go to church every weekend this impacts my behaviour so I see church going and prayer not as a pain for me to do this every week but I see it as a must because I have respect for it because of my upbringing and also I live in a multi cultural society , where there are chinese, spanish, africans , caucasians , east indians mixed up as one we have learnt to be tolerable of other races so my behavior will be one of tolerance and respect . Lifetstyles can affect behavior also as someone's lifestyle tells a lot about how that person is and reacts if you are a laid back person who gets their way , you may have a selfish behaviour or one filled with ingratitude

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