How Does The Internet Affect Culture?


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The relationship between internet and culture is an important one. The internet is fast becoming our number 1 method of communication.

The effects of internet on culture As a result, the internet is the often the most common way we end up being directly exposed to other cultures.

This mass 'sharing of cultures' has an influence on all of us, and is responsible for breaking down boundaries and creating a sense of 'global culture'.

On the internet, someone from a remote village in India can easily meet, chat, and share opinions with someone from Timbuktu.

Prior to the internet, these two people would probably have never met - let alone had a chance to share their opinions, experiences and ideas with each other.

But, because of the internet, we are able to find out more about other cultures, and share our culture with others far more easily.

This means we are able to influence and be influenced by many different cultures, simply by clicking on a mouse or typing on a keyboard.

Internet technology and global culture
This might not sound like such a big deal if you were born after 1980 - but if you take into consideration the way the world was only a few hundred years ago, you'll see that actually this has a pretty big impact on culture.

A few hundred years ago, people would have to sail on a boat for weeks to get to far-off lands where they could meet and interact with other cultures.

Explorers like Christopher Columbus would come back from their journeys with amazing tales and of the way other people live, what they eat, what their houses are like, and a million other details.

Nowadays, we don't need to travel on a boat for weeks on end so that we can meet people of other cultures and share our experiences: We simply add them to our Facebook, follow them on Twitter or chat with them over Skype.

Because it is so easy to communicate, people of different cultures have become a lot more aware and understanding of each other - and cultures that might previously have seemed strange and alien now seem a lot more common and palatable.

In my opinion, the internet is pushing us towards a future where the different cultures of the world blend into one big colorful mix - where we all have local identity, but can identify with an overall web-culture.
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The Internet is a new technology nowadays. And its invention connects all the world and makes it as a small area...

You learn a new things about other cultures by meeting and chatting with new people from all over the world in this case, while you are sharing information about your culture and the others tell you about their culture...

Here you will learn positive and negative things that may affect your religion and your culture.

So we should do as much as we can to spread our culture strongly, before the others spread their culture.

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