What Are The Three Inherent Powers Of The State?


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* Police Power
* Power of Eminent Domain
* Power of Taxation

The Constitutional Law provides the state with police power, power of taxation, and power of eminent domain. These are the three inherent powers of the state granted by the Bill of Rights. These three inherent powers are designed to provide equality, authority and liberty in order to protect the rights as stated in the Bill of Rights. It is the "framework" of the laws the USA is founded on.

Included in the Constitutional Law are the safeguards in place for the Bill of Rights. There are five of these safety measures: Right to due process and equal protection, freedom of expression, prohibition of illegal seizures and searches, impairment clause, and a guarantee against injustice.

Police power is pretty self explanatory in that the state has the right to oversee the police forces in the state to ensure peoples' rights are upheld appropriately. It also keeps at bay martial law, which is when the military is able to occupy a town, city, or other living area and restrict peoples' movements.

Eminent domain is the act in which property can be seized from a citizen with due compensation. In other words, the state can take over someone's land if they give a monetary compensation, as long as there is a true reason for such an action.

Power of taxation allows the state to determine if they will have a state income tax and what that state income tax will be. The taxes can be voted on by citizens of the state, but often a tax being raised is based on economical need that the state has. Therefore, the state still oversee the increase or decrease in taxes. These are separate from the Federal Taxes.
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The three inherent power of the state are as follows:

1. Police Power - is the power of the state to regulate freedoms and property rights of individuals for the protection of public safety, health, and morals or the promotion of the public convenience and general prosperity.

2. Eminent Domain - is the power to take private property for public use upon payment of just compensation.

3. Power of Taxation - is the power of the state to impose tax on individuals and properties to support the government.

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