Is The Future Of Modern Civilisation A Failure?


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Modern civilization is primarily the Western civilization conquered by the white man. For the time over all previous civilizations and that is had got a everlasting and stable basis and thus would survive for ever, unlike the other civilizations which had their day and then decomposed. But this belief has been crushed by the two world wars that have been fought in the present century and inventions of the `Atomic` and `Hydrogen` bomb, and other such horrible means of devastation have almost convinced every one that not only the end of our civilization is near, but that along with it there may be the end of mankind.

Thus the modern civilization is based on bloodshed and exchange and may be rightly termed as war-making civilization. The political State of the world is all, in greater or lesser degree, war-making institutions. Their Minister of war is ministers of a function, which is not attendant to their nature as States, but necessary to it. Never is the nature of the State more clearly exposed than when the war drums and aching.

Thus the modern civilization, which is basically a war-making civilization, seems to be fated unless a miracle saves it. It has noticeably failed as the previous civilizations, and it is bound to expire, but its failure and devastation may mean the devastation of humankind, and the end of the rule of man on earth.

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