What Effect Does WW2 Had On The Rest Of The World?


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After the world war two millions of people were displaced without any homes. These refugess had no place to go. It was then that the refugee law came into picture by international human rights law which designed a convention for the protection of these refugees. After the killing of millions of people there was a need to punish the perpetrators of war crimes. Nuremberg trials were held in various countries to punish mostly the german nazis, concentration camp guards, doctors and army personnel lwho were responsible for the murder of so many jews.

The european economies were crippled after the war, their infrastructure completely distroyed. Therefore the european countries signed a treaty for the european coal and steal community so that the power of coal and steal does not lie with any one country and the devastating even of world war two does not happen again. It was from this point that the present European Union started to take its shape, strethening ties between the european countries, centralising all important elements. After world war two many countries felt the need to strengthen their political power and improve ties with other countries to avoid any such future event.
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The most straight effect of ww2 was that most of the colonies got their freedom. Due to the ww2 colonial
powers were stripped off all their strength which paved the way for freedom of African and south Asian countries like India.

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