Who Was Mary Queen Of Scots?


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Mary Queen of Scots lived from 1542 until she was executed by Queen Elizabeth I in 1587.
She was indeed the Queen of Scots, but was an unfortunate woman throughout her life. She was the daughter of James V and Mary de Guise and shortly after her birth her father died. Her mother then became the regent of Scotland. Mary was sent to France and at 16 married Dauphin Francois and in July 1559 became Queen of France.
However, in 1560 she returned to Scotland following the death of her husband.
Mary was a devout Catholic, but many Scots had been converted to Calvinism (Protestant faith) and so she was out of touch with her people.
She then married her cousin, Lord Darnley and had a son, James. The marriage was not a success but Mary then alienated her people even further by marrying the Earl of Bothwell who had actually arranged to have her second husband killed.
With no supporters left in Scotland, Mary flew to England for refuge from her cousin, Elizabeth Ist. But Elizabeth saw Mary as a threat and had her executed in 1587. James, Mary's son went on to become James 1st of England, James VI of Scotland.

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