What Are Words To Say On Blank Birthday Card For Someone You Like?


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This entirely depends on what you mean by the word ‘like’. It could be the person in question is a potential love interest, they could be a member of your family, a spouse or they could just be one of your friends. Each of these situations requires a different message.

For a friend, perhaps try to reference to the party you might be going to later, such as "Happy Birthday, let’s save the celebrations for tonight!” A family member’s card might require sentiments explaining that you’re thinking about them or, especially if you do not live with them, a little bit of detail about how things are going in your life can be a welcome touch.

For a spouse, the message should really be coming from your own heart and not gathered from pieces of information you find online or through forums. At the very least telling them you love them is required, with a personal memory or sentiments of how much they mean to you strongly advised. If you start to write, thoughts and suggestions will come to you, so perhaps drafting an idea would be beneficial if you’re struggling.

If you like the person as a potential love interest, it would be best to avoid saying something generic that you find in already written birthday cards, otherwise the person in question will not feel special and you will not come across as thoughtful, which should be your intention. Your card should be the one they remember above all others, so a personal touch is necessary in this instance.

You could even try writing a poem, if you’re feeling particularly creative. Take a look at cards in shops that have poems on the front or inside and use these for inspiration. Don’t copy them however, the recipient will be able to tell the difference between genuine feelings and cheesiness!
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How do I express my friendship to a friend whom and I go way back and r still friends.what do I say to her she always write the nicest things on my face book wall about how much I mean to her and how much she appreciates me.please help me{we haven't see each other in years but we keep in touch by phone and face book}
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I'm wishing you a very happy birthday. May your life be blessed more then you can ever imagine!
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I am wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope you will enjoy every bit!
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These days we have everything cut out for us. Most of us simply let the words on the card stand alone and just write the 'To' and 'from' part. Remember that there are myriad lines or messages to pen down in your birthday card.

Personal messages are for all time your best bet. You can keep it humorous and light or if you know the person well, offer something more deep and personal. If is a birthday card you're giving to some family member, use a personal touch. Thank them; tell them how much you honestly and truly appreciate them. With individuals you know well, you can always gently remind them of some particular incident you shared.

Get nostalgic or simply throw in a quote or funny line.
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What you should write in a birthday card depends on what kind of relationship that person and you have. But you should always try to make brief. You also should try to make it either emotional or funny !
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Hello I'm writing one right now.
Its for my sister and I have put

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If you send a birthday card, it shows that you are thinking of your friend or loved one, so that is the first priority taken care of. A simple gesture like sending a card means a lot because it shows simply that you remembered! Even if you send a card late, it shows your caring.

What you write depends on your relationship with the person. If it is a work colleague, then you might want to write something friendly and upbeat, like 'Hope you have a great day'. Recently there was some controversy regarding ageism in the workplace and some people complained about giving unkind birthday cards regarding age in the workplace. Therefore, it is advisable not to send a card of that sort to a professional colleague. However, you could send a funny and more personal message to close friends. Your message should reflect the unique relationship that you have with your friend or loved one. That will surely make them smile.
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Wish you a very happy birthday, may god bless you, many many happy returns of the day, hope this b'day brings all d happiness in your life n all your wishes come true ,. Have a b'day blast n lots of other things like this cn be written in a b'day card . You just have to give words your feelings towards that person. His/her importance in your life

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