What Are Funny Sayings For 22th Birthday?


4 Answers

Leanna J Profile
Leanna J answered
Happy Birthday your 22 now can you buy your own house and live in it!
Shayne Hutcheson Profile
Well, if you were making a card you could put on the front:

"Happy 21st Birthday!"

and then on the inside you could put:

"Oh no, that's right, you're 22 now. Bummer dude"

depends on how good the friend is you are giving the card to obviously.
melissa childers Profile
"Oh my Gosh, you're 22"
We are really proud of you
You're old enough to pay your way
This has turned out to be a wonderful day
Taylor Swift Profile
Taylor Swift answered
You can do this on a card:
Happy 2nd birthday! Oh yeah your 10. OH YOUR 22! Thatsa bummer dude! You should be 32. Happy birthday.

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