Where Did The Navajo Indians Live?


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They lived in southern Utah, northern Arizona and northern New Mexico over 1000 years ago
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The Navajo are natives of the Four Corners region (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado). The Navajo people are still living in their traditional territory today.
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Navajo Indians are a Native American race. They lived northeastern Arizona, and even extended to Utah and New Mexico.
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They live in the four corners region, utah new mexico arizona and Colorado
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Around ohio
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The Monument Valley East of the Grand Canyon, Southeast Utah, and The Red Rock Clefts in Northwest New Mexico!
I had the pleasure of helping them get their cattle out of the Monument Valley and the beauty is be on description! Artifacts that are considered Holy everywhere!
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I don' know but I know what type of of homes they have. They had homes that are called hogan's.

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