What Type Of Houses Did The Shawnee Indians Live In?


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Shawnee Indians used to live in dome-shaped houses called wigwams (also known as wikkums).

These structures resembled igloos in shape, but were made of dried tree bark and other plant by-products.

What did Shawnee Indians live in? The houses that Shawnee Indians used to live in were actually very stable and solid structures.

They were very different to the portable Lokata tents called 'Tipis' usually associated with Native Americans.

Wigwams were often constructed using raw materials available in whatever location the tribe found themselves in, and therefore the actually materials used would vary.

Such a solid and permanent building might suggest that the Shawnee Indians weren't as nomadic as other tribes - but this is actually not the case!

Shawnee Indians originated in an area that is today referred to as Oklahoma - but were a peace-loving tribe that often migrated elsewhere, in order to avoid conflict with colonist settlers and other invading native tribes.

For this reason, reminants of Shawnee culture can be found as far afield as New York - although Ohio is the state where the modern Shawnee tribe has now settled.
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The Shawnee Indians lived in wigwams by the Ohio river, in Ohio.
They were considered great settlers of the Ohio lands and planes.
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Shawnee people lived in long houses and wigwams.

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