Reasons For Why Britain Wanted India In The Empire?


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Sreekumar Sukumaran Nair Profile
India have plenty of natural resources when East India company came to India for trade relations with India. India is the largest producer of food crops as well as commercial crops.  Kerala an Indian state is known as spice garden of India. The spices like Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom etc were widely cultivated and exported at that time. India is one of the largest producer of tea,Cotton etc. In addition to this India is rich in mineral resources like, coal, Iron, gold etc. Etc.  Being a fertile land food grains like wheat, Barley, rice were widely cultivated all over India. Gems were mined in large scale at that time. The disintegrated small kingdoms and incompetent kings ruled at that time helped the British to step stone in the land of India.

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