What Are The Reasons For High Population Growth In India?


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The reason for population explosion in India could be one or all of the following reasons. Its just my opinion and does not take into account population statistics :-

1) Illiteracy and lack of awareness as far as the proletariat class is concerned. Its just that having a bigger family would mean more working hands in the family. With many people living below poverty line, increased inflation has made living unbearable for many people. So the only respite they find is having all members of the family indulge in trades or manual labor.

2) In the Urban centers certain classes have found an increased economic prosperity and India has one of the biggest middle class in the world. So as a result, coupled with traditional culture having a big family is still considered a blessing in many parts of the country.

3) So far the family planning programs have only focused on females and haven`t focused efforts on educating males about their responsibility.

4) Social ills like child marriage.

5) Many religion oriented people tend to air the notion that the idea of family planning is sacrilegious to their dogmas and has roots in some western conspiracy.

6) Lack of sex education in schools.
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More working hands are needed. Some religions are against having girls so keep trying to give birth to a male. All the other reasons I know about are listed above
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Because people lack the education required to make them aware of how a large population will affect them in the long run. People do not have access to contraceptives or they just cannot afford them (beggars on the streets cannot afford contraceptives and they have large families. Also they think that the more children they have the more money will come into the family). Education needs to be directed at the right people. Beggars need to be educated, not ignored because people do not want to deal with them.
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The 5th point of the firt answer is not true. There is no reason for saying so.
I didn't tell it as in appropriate as the other reasons may be true.
Guest who posted 2 years ago; There is no such religion. Unfortunately there are such people but they DON'T belong to some or one religion. No religion can't be as senseless except what your imagination is lie lying about.
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What evidence is there to suggest that India has a high population? What is the source of the population figures for India? How reliable are they? How were they derived? I'm not arguing for a moment that they are definitely incorrect, but simply suggesting that what we read in the media isn't necessarily based on truth (nor is everything governments tell us). There are all sorts of reasons why a nation's government might want to overinflate its population figure (economic, political, defence) and it would be extremely difficult to verify or dispute such a figure.

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