What Does The Word Federalism Mean?


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Federalism, also referred to as federal
government, a national or international political system in which two levels of
government control the same territory and citizens. The word federal
comes from the Latin term which means “to trust.” Countries with
federal political systems have both a central government and governments based
in smaller political units, usually called states, provinces, or territories.
These smaller political units surrender some of their political power to the
central government, relying on it to act for the common good.
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Federal refers to something being a form of or relating to a form of government formed by the union of a number of states in which these individual states recognise the rule, governance, sovereignty and authority of this central authority but at the same time retain certain specified powers and authority of their own. Any idea, theory, individual or group that favours a federal authority, party type of government etc can also be referred to as federal.

The word Federal comes from the Latin word "foedus" or "foeder" meaning league or treaty.

The term federal has come to have special meaning in the American context. It was a term used to describe those on the side of the Union during the American civil war. It is also the term used to describe a style of architecture produced in the 18th and 19th century in the United States.
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Federalism means the distribution of legislative authority between a central government having jurisdiction over national issues and provincial governments having jurisdiction over regional issues.
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It means the center of something or the main part like the main part of a film the part when everyone is happy e.t.g

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