What Were The Ancient Greeks' Natural Resources?


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The natural resources available in ancient Greece would have depended on which area of Greece you lived in!

Things like olives (thought to be a gift from the goddess Athena) and grapes were of abundance in Greece, but I’m not sure if you’d count them as natural resources.

What Resources Were Available All Over Greece?
Food would have been traded and exchanged – for example, those near the sea would have been able to exchange fish for wheat and barley.
There would have been a lot of wine and honey going around in ancient Greece, so this was probably traded as well - especially considering how easy it was to store.

Natural Resources In Cyprus
Cyprus had a good copper supply. The copper found here was used to make weapons, jewelry, armor and various tools.

Natural Resources In Athens
There were plenty of lead mines in a place called Laurium, near Athens, which was mined quite heavily in ancient Greece.

Natural Resources In Northern Greece
The mountains of Thrace provided a steady supply of gold and silver to the Greeks. These materials were used to make coins and jewelry, and were a great source of trade. The island of Sifnos was also rich in silver and gold.
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The ancient Greeks had wood, lumber, and seemed to have a lot of marble.
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They had a lot of fish there and they grew vegetables and had natural honey to sweeten things.

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