What Did The Ancient Greeks Wear?


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The Ancient Greeks tended to wear loose, thin clothing – it was hot in Greece for most of the year, so they couldn’t wear anything heavy.

What Did Men Wear In Ancient Greece?
Men tended to wear light, knee-length tunics that were made out of big squares of fabric, which were pinned at the shoulder and belted around the waist.

These were called chitons, and were made of linen in the summer and wool in the winter.

What Did Women Wear In Ancient Greece?
Women wore the same kind of thing as men, although their tunics were ankle-length. They were held in place by pins, and weren’t worn with a belt.

What About Shoes?
The Ancient Greeks actually tended to go barefoot, and only wore shoes when they had to. The footwear of choice was leather sandals, or boots if it was cold.

The weather was generally pretty good, but when it got cold, the Greeks wore cloaks on top of their tunics.
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Ancient Greeks wore clothes such as chitons, himations, and tunics.  They did NOT look like bathrobes; generally these clothes were simply large pieces of silk, linen, or wool wrapped around the body and tucked or pinned in.
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They looked like a bath robe but not really as thick!
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They wrapped themselves in bed sheets tucked in here and there.

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