How Many Countries Live In A Democracy Today, And How Many Countries Live In A Dictatorship Today?


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Go to the World CIA Factbook and count.  There are 256 total countries in the world.
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-Libya: They've been having a military dictatorship for almost 40 years. The de factor leader is Muammar al-Qaddafi since a coup in 1969.

-Central and South America: There have been many coups d' etat in Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, and recently in Honduras. Many of the Latin American governments are not confirmed dictatorships but there are lots of problems, which lead to revolutions and manifestation from the people who live there. IRREGULAR SITUATION.

-Myanmar (a.k.a. Birmania): The militars have been ruling this South Asian country for many decades under a supposed socialist government and now under an unknown and controversial title that means no more than oppressive dictatorship. A particular ethnicity, Karen, has been displaced and help's been denied especially during lat year's typhoon or hurricane that stroke the South Asian coast.

-Syria and other Middle Eastern countries: It's been said that the only country in the Levant or the Middle East who has not a military or another type of dictatorship is Lebanon.

Al-Assad family (president) in Syria has been criticized because of the constant terrorism and oppression Syrian people live. In Iraq other abuses have been denounced. In Iran many other political tensions have been going around since Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was on power.

Other than Syrian's 46-year-period of have been "ruling under emergency", Libyan military government, Latin American coups, and Myanmar's instability those cases mentioned above were never confirmed as dictatorship though all of them have presented some human right violations and similar problems.
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The world will end when the trumpet sound and after the seven years rule of the Antichrist regime.
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I don't think you can have an exact # to either part of that question.  There are too many countries in the world today.  You may have to guesstimate.  Good luck.

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