How Did You Celebrate Your Last Birthday?


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Spent it at home with family and friends..Happy birthday...
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I had a lovely cake at my dads house and a great meal out with my eldest son. We had liver and onions and bacon and mash and I was too full for dessert. I am still reliving the taste 3 months later. I think it's time to return to that great pub.
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I celebrated my last birthday very happily
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My birthday was very recent, i.e September 1. We (me & my friends) went out and had a very nice time and had a very nice dinner
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My last birthday had been the most miserable birthday of my life!! This is because my boyfriend broke up with me 3 months prior to my birthday. When the clock struck 12:00 am, my entire family came to wish me...but I started crying my breath out. For the last 4 years, my boyfriend always used to call me at 12am and wish me for my birthday. But this time it was so different! Although he wished me in the afternoon of my birthday by sending a message via mobile...but it was just a "Happy Birthday. Best wishes."
In short, the last birthday had been the worst and I pray that I never have to face such birthdays in life.
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Hi, hifa , I just say life is not over my dear friend, u knw my girlfriend left me B'coz I much love her, she fear with social people or parents , She said to me I can't go with u anymore b'coz my relative and friends know our relationship , she break 3yr relation in just 1/2 hour, U don't beleive on it I went down on my knees and said if I did wrong pease gave me a sorry. And she just saw me and said, u did'nt do any mistake bt I just wanna break up with u . Dear ur pain is so less compare to m
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Went on a shopping spree thanks to the money my man gave me it was really fun.
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Happy Birthday! Mine was the second. I took my daughters out and we had Chinese Food! Nothing big this year, that darn Labor Day weekend missed me! I hate it when that happens! Lol
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My friends and my family bought ice-cream cake and we had fun went to the movies  and went to Hearshy  Park
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Don't celibrate birthday it will tell you that you r going closer to death. As you grone up you r age is also increase and you will become older thats why you going closer to death  DEATH.
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It was not very good. My little cousin right? *everybody nods heads yes* my other cousin was reading books to her and I felt emberresed!

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