Please Can You Explain Galatians 4:10? It Seems To Mean That We Shouldn't Celebrate Christmas And Easter. Does It Really Mean That?


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Galatians 4:8-10 is an excellent example of why we must be careful when reading and interpreting individual verses in the Bible. The Book of Galatians was written by Paul and his intended audience, the Galatians, were a Gentile, previously Pagan people who were once known to celebrate a variety of pre-Christian feasts and worshipped many different gods. When Paul noted that the Galatians "observe days, and months, and times and years," he was not referring to Christian holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, but to pre-Christian, Pagan celebrations once observed by the Galatians. When Paul uttered these words, he simply wanted to show that he was concerned that the now converted Galatians may revert back to Pagan practices and holidays.

It is, however, true that holidays such as Christmas fall on days that were once observed by Pagans, like Saturnalia. A small group of Fundamentalist Christians have, as such, refused to celebrate Christmas saying that it was, in fact, a Pagan holiday. The majority of denominations realize that the early Christians simply took days that were once celebrated by Pagans and filled them with a new, Christian meaning and significance.

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