How do you want to celebrate your birthday?


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michelle ? Profile
michelle ? answered
I would like to be with the family and go to cali wit them
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
I would want to spend it with the one I love. . Oh and Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow .. ^_^
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Happy advance b-day, my friend. I'll be 47 Oct 2nd. Time sure flies, doesn't it?  I'd wanna celebrate it any way I wanna celebrate it.
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
OMG!! My birthday is sept. 2 omg tht soo cool and the answer to ur question is i will just spend it with ppl i love
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Well first I would like to wish you the happiest of Birthdays tomorrow. I don't know I am going to be 48 my next birthday and really don't like even thinking about it. But it would be nice if I could spend it with my kids or someone special provided anything materializes between now and then.
emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Surround yourself with people you love...your best friends, family, etc. And have a party in your house or at a place you like and um...yeah. Lol. Hope i helped =P
Shannan Smith Profile
Shannan Smith answered
Well next year on the 3rd of March I'll be 11 and I'll probably just invited my best friend round and go to playtowers and to see a movie at the pictures (I don't do much for my birthday!).
Oh and yes happy 36th birthday for tomorrow!
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Arun kumar answered
Happy birthday brother!!my birthday is also coming soon,12-sepmostly i spend my time with my family and friends and at evening  time we celebrate the party and enjoy a lot!!
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suman kumar
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Thank you mere dost, I know your birthday is coming soon.
Arun  kumar
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You are form Hyderabad and your Hindi is very good yaar, maja aa gaya sunke!!
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
My darling dear, Happy Birthday. I pray your day is full of pleasant surprises, smiling faces, and joy. I know I thank my creator for the opportunity of meeting and knowing you, and celebrate the day of your birth. Love you much, L
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Lynne Dwyer
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suman kumar
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Thanks you my sweetest friend, for your kind words, I always do have a high regard for you, love you my friend .
Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
:) Happy Birthday. I'd spend it with the ones I love. I hope you have a joyful time.
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Just a quite time with my friend and hope he also has some ideas....Happy B day to friend Enjoy no mattter what you decide to do...
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
Hmm there are many ways that I would like to celebrate my birthday. I'm not going to say them though because some people might find them inappropriate lol. Anyways, happy birthday, hope you have fun!
Richard Lam Profile
Richard Lam answered
My friend's and family members celebrating it with me and have fun but I want a surprise Birthday party
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Happy birthday!!!
I don't celebrate mine, but I hope you have a good and fun day.
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
Either still alive on earth with my wife, on the White River in AR, in the boat fishing, our 2 dogs (whippets) [Basil&Bailey] in the boat, weather not too hot or too cold, OR in heaven with Jesus.
Away from idiots that have brain decay (atheists).
Jack Mahon Profile
Jack Mahon answered
My birthday is next June, so I hope to celebrate it vertically. This will be the 2nd anniversary of my 37th birthday.
KR- myopinions Profile
KR- myopinions answered
Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a great one and you did exactly whatever you wanted to do. Mine was just before and I just had a great meal and spent some time with my family and it was great. Hope yours was the same.
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Well i'd like a pool party but (figures) by birthdays in the middle of winter, so i'll probably do the local gymnastics place =)

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