What Are Some Interesting Facts In The Battle Of The Atlantic?


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  • It was  the longest continuous military campaign of World War II
  • It was at its height from mid-1940 through to the end of 1943
  • The Battle of the Atlantic pitted you-boats and other warships of the German Navy against Allied convoys
  • The Germans were joined by submarines of the Italian Royal Navy after Italy entered the war on June 10, 1940
  • Tactical advantage switched back and forth over the six years as new weapons, tactics and counter-measures were developed by both sides
  • The British and their allies gradually gained the upper hand, driving the German surface raiders from the ocean by the end of 1942 and decisively defeating the you-boats in a series of convoy battles between March and May 1943
  • New German submarines arrived in 1945, but they were too late to affect the course of the war

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