Older People Are The Ones To Blame, Not The Younger People For The Today's Problem. Why?


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Yes and no. It's true that adults are the ones in power and are responsible for teaching kids right and wrong, truth and lies but it's also true that the younger folks do not have to take everything we adults say as gospel truth. Just because someone is raised a certain way does not mean they have to live their lives that way forever. I'm living proof that how one is raised doesn't necessarily mean they're locked in to that life ;)
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This would make a good debate if you haven't posted it there already... Well it is the older ones who raised us, and they influenced things a bit so I can see why some would blame them for our problems, but the thing is is that we all think and do for ourselves and we should all really be looking in the mirror for this one, but it is so much easier to blame others.
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This is very true due to the fact that people over 18 years of age vote, and make the laws. Don't worry, your chance will come to have the opportunity to change the world.
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Because the olders and the youngers have different thought ,they have different ideas on judging events, and I think that the younger are more optimistic.

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