What Are Good Slogans For Student Government Treasurer?


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The best slogans for any student campaigning for a place within the council are the ones that are unique to the candidate. Try to think of any play on words that include your name that are relevant to the position of government treasurer. Involve money in the slogans somehow. Mentioning something to do with the position you are campaigning for shows that you know what you are talking about. If there are any popular 'in jokes' within your student community or there are characteristics about your university you can mention, try to include these. Ideas that make students stop and think "Yes, I've noticed that" or "Yes, I agree with that" will be the ones that stick in their minds. Making references to latest trends, viral videos or popular icons can work in your favour. If you make yourself look up to date students will feel like you have both a sense of humour and the ability to keep your position relevant and modern. Keep an ear out for the latest 'in' things that are being talked about amongst your fellow students and use this to your advantage.

While catchy slogans are one part of your campaign for student government treasurer, they won't get you very far unless you market and network yourself right. With an increase in social media sites, you can use these to advertise your campaign and encourage friends to spread the word about your ideas and pledges. Offline you can create posters to stick around campus and make your face known within the student community. Avoid being too over the top and select where you place your posters carefully. If you are running for student government treasurer, consider placing posters with slogans asking about where the student council money goes next to cash machines or places, such as the bar, where students will be getting their wallets out.
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Vote for ______! It just makes cents!

Counting coins since _____(birth year)

In _____ we trust!

Put your money where my math is!
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"I make real change"

"This aint funny, let me handle our money.

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