What Are The Essentials Of Politics?


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Politics has a number of essential aspects.

What are the essentials of politics?
  • Politics is the art, or indeed science, of governance. This is the most essential strand of politics, and one which can include the governance of a nation-state, institutions or interest groups.
  • Governance can also be applied to people's everyday lives, rather than just to the top level of government. For example, your work's management or the supervisor running the company or directing you, is also political.
  • Power is another essential aspect of politics. In fact, it could be argued that power is the most essential and important part of politics. Politics can be defined as the application, exercising and acquisition of power.
  • The prominent political scientist, Harold Lasswell, once described politics as, "who gets what, when, and how".
  • When politics is applied to governance, it has other essential parts, such as the rule of law, the balance of power, democracy and sovereignty.
  • Politics does - and always will - affect every aspect of a citizen's life.
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  1. The government by law society, law supreme.
  2. The public authority restriction and balance.
  3. The general political system.
  4. The citizens' rights protection.
  5. The citizens participation in politics.
  6. The majority, the respect of a few political.

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