When Did Politics Start?


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When or how did politics start?

Politics has no start date! It has been around since the beginning of mankind.

The nature of politics is almost identical to that of power and control - forces that will always be and have always been present in society.

  • Politics can be defined as the art or science of governance (it depends on how you view it). For example, politics is how a government governs a country, what its policies are and how it carries them out. Politics can also be defined as the study of power.
  • Politics affects everything in a citizen's life, from the price of bread, to the amount of tax you pay, and even the questions you sit in your school exams. All these are all affected by politics and government.
To conclude, no one can put a date to when politics started. It has always been with us, for better or for worse!
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We cannot talk about the beginning of politics since it's part of human thinking and beliefs. Thus, politics doesn't have a specific start date.

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