What Is The Goal Of Politics?


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What is the goal of politics and politicians?

The goal of politics is to exercise, achieve and apply power and authority.

Politics can be used by many entities such as government, individuals and organizations.

The goals of politics can be numerous and often diffuse:

  • Lower-level management can use politics to get higher incentives and wages for themselves.
  • Supervisors can exercise their power and authority to get the required results from their immediate subordinates and lower-level employees.
  • Some people use politics negatively to obtain a certain social position, status, wealth and success.
  • Others can obtain authority and power as a part of their position in society such as mayors, presidents, supervisors or bosses etc.
Therefore, we could say that the goal of politics is always about achieving or using power for an individual's or a group's advantage.

However, the goals of politics and politicians are not always as cynical as they sometimes seem. Politics can also be used to achieve positive outcomes - such as increasing the productivity of a nation, increasing team-work, and the implementation of projects and tasks.
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What is the source and goal of politics?

  • Politics: Applied authority in order to influence a chosen support group in order to push an agenda.
  • From high school to adulthood, we function in a society with competing agendas and there is only so much room at the top.
  • In order to achieve the top positions, politics come into play. Just think about who gets selected for promotion? They are not always the best candidate, but the person whom the boss thinks is the best.
Why did the boss choose person A over person B? The answer is because the selected person is the best political fit in order to keep the current culture going. That is politics.

The person at the top chooses, the staff supports, and in order to get into that political culture you have to play the boss's game and make him/her happy. This is true of almost every aspect of life, unfortunately.

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