How Do Poor People Survive?


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Poor people survive because they live close to nature and each other. Meaning, no man is an island, no man stands alone. When we learn that our humanity and very survival depend on each of us and the "kindness of strangers", then and only then will we realize how closely linked to our survival that makes us. This so called "civilized society" has brought more distance between families and friends than is healthy for our survival. That there are more poor people in this world is a testament to their expertise at surviving on less than those who have so much more. It could also be that the emotional stress that drags down the so called rich is more foreign to the poor who are too busy trying to survive that they do not have the luxury of the negative emotions that often runs rampant in rich societies. Is this a blessing or a curse? I choose to see it as a blessing. There is no price big enough for a clear and blessedly sharp mind. Being poor has its down side but how many would gladly exchange all their wealth to be close to nature, to be loved for oneself, to put a face on hate without the fake smile, and to be able to laugh at life knowing that a whole community remains close at hand in support of this "poor" life.

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By begging to the western country.
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By working, just like rich people.

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