Why Do Poor People Act So Happy?


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Money isn't everything. Sure you can buy a lot of things with money, but you will never ever buy love with it. These people really know the true values in life and are not taking money for granted and working hard for it. I agree 100 % with supershalz and boycrazyx.
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It is important for you to know that money does not always bring happiness. There are far more important thing than just making money all day and all night. People who live below the poverty line and find it extremely difficult to arrange proper food, clothing and living conditions for themselves always work hard in life. They have no other choice to do so. Their parents may not have left enough money for them or they might be born orphans without any guardians to support them. These people always have to struggle till the end of their life. They also have no other choice to be happy. Being sad all the time because they do not have sufficient surviving conditions are a high waste of time.

Poor people are contended with what they have. They do not complaint as that is also a big waste of time. Instead of feeling sorry for them, you should be friendly towards them and thank God that you are not living in a condition like that.
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Well, I am not sure of the question you are talking about. But, what I can make out is that they think it's so perfect that God gave them a home to live in and that any little scape is good for them.
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They do not 'act' happy. They are happy. Happiness is not an act. It is a way of life for those that are not constantly bombarded with shallow "programming" of the American Dream and how happy we should be in a country that is the richest on earth. Of course this is foolishness. But to those immersed in the so called "living", no one seem to notice the depression, the quiet madness that surrounds the communities that have not escaped this harsh reality. So when a poor person appears smiling, kind and thoughtful of others, in a poor country, it is not an act. It is as it should really be and being rich or living in a developed country does not give us all a bypass to happiness. Search even more and you will see why so many people are lost in the so called "happier" country. M

Much love,
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First of all, you have to love yourself: MONEY is NOT the key to happiness, in fact, money mainly leads to unhappiness.
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Poor people are always in reality . But rich people are are always far from reality that why
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Because to us money is a fairy tale...

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