Why do most people think poor people are horrible?


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I never heard of that  I'm poor and I help animals donate time to the food bank

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I often think it's because we have been conditioned to begrudge poor people who are struggling such as immigrants and social security claimants, rather than focus our attention on the 1% of people who actually hold all the wealth and often have much more of a negative impact on the economy.

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I suppose there are people who think that but I don't believe "most" people think that way. 

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I don't know.

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Daan Scatozza
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in a site about answering questions... there was one who posted something which was not an answer... how? why? will this mistery ever be solved?
Daan Scatozza
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no offense, just sayin', why? if u got no answer than why post an answer just to say you have none? if i dont know the answer i just don't post anything.
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There are "poor" people who have more dignity and honor than those who live in the huge mansions we see so often portrayed as dream houses.

I grew up poor, we just knew we couldn't afford to do certain things there was no resentment that's just the way it was.

My mother was a stickler for cleanliness and our house was always spotless and we were also subjected to her daily scrubbings.

The lack of money has no bearing on the way people see you it's the way you conduct yourself and your willingness to work hard.

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Sharron Prestcott
OCD I think not, it wasn't around when I grew up.

No just a housewife of her era where no dust was allowed to settle in her house, children were a reflection of the mother's care and all respectable children were sent off to school well washed including behind the ears and with a freshly ironed handkerchief.
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Yeah some people are just like that, my grandmothers home is spotless! my home.... not so much.
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And it always seems those who cant stand a single spec or stain.... get carpet!
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Spoiled privileged?. Anyone here read about the hedonic ladder? Well it all evens out. Money can make you happy but usually in short lived bursts. The main component to happiness (imo) is having the essentials to live comfortably: Water, food, home, and safe environment.

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