What Is The Postal Code For Eleuthera, Bahamas?


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In common with a lot of smaller countries, the postal system of The Bahamas does not use postcodes or zip codes, and this includes the island of Eleuthera.

The Bahamas is a nation comprising of around 700 islands, with mail often delivered by boat, so send a letter to the islands can take a while to reach its destination. If you find you are using a computer system to send mail to or within The Bahamas, and the system insists on a zip code, try inputting '000000', as this sometimes get around the problem.

The Global Postcode System

As of 2013, people in The Bahamas can use their global postcode, a service provided by Google Maps. This is an 8, or sometimes 10, digit code which can be found by by entering your address on Google Maps, clicking onto your house or place of residence and clicking on the blue rectangular area which should be present onscreen. This code can be added to your usual postal address.

The island of Eluethera was the first of the Bahamas' islands to be settled, and makes for a wonderful holiday, as you can see:

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