In U.S. Political theory, the government obtains its legitimate power from?


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The government obtains the legitimate power in the United States from senators and representatives. The President recognises that normal day-to-day operations within the country are not simply his responsibility, but the responsibility of the government as a whole.
The President of the United States is the head of America's Executive and is one of only two elected members of the Executive, the other being the Vice-President. Congress heads up America's legislative and the Supreme Court has overall control of the judiciary. This is the federal structure of US politics.  For the government to function properly the three sections have to be in agreement and co-operation is required from all three sides.
The President is also the commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces. This position is taken on immediately on taking the presidency, the oath of office. The President has to be seen as the leader although he is constantly in discussions in Washington with other politicians. The cabinet of the President may have no party colleagues other than the Vice-President. The other people in the cabinet will be picked because they can achieve the task laid out and also support the policies of the cabinet.
The President of the United States does have two advantages in that he has the ability to set out the nation's political agenda, and he can bargain with other politicians to be sure of their support for certain policies. Federal government would then take up these policies. Congress now has the power to remove federal officers, federal judges and even the President from office. The house must vote to remove the official, known as impeaching. A trial is then held in the senate to decide whether they should be removed from their place in office.

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