Can I Copyright Something Without Registering It With The U.S. Government? How?


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You can also mail your self the paperwork and it works the same just the open it... Google it, you will find out its a great way to copyright something if you don't have the right money to do so.
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A copyright of original works is automatic when the work is created, and belongs to the originator.   You need not register your works in order to use the symbol of "c" encircled, nor to otherwise note that copyright.  However, if you wish to protect against infringement of that automatic copyright, that is where registration is critical.  In the US, this only costs $45.  You can go to this site for links on registration and other details as to copyright law if you would like to protect your automatically copyrighted works/photos from infrignement.  Good luck!

Info About US COpyright law and registration.

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