If you want send zip code to somebody out nigeria is it the country code you ll send or the area code?


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Do you mean you are corresponding with someone who lives in Nigeria and they want to be able to send mail to you? If that is what you mean it will probably be best if you send them both the country and area code as the post will easily be identified then as being in international and it will be sent to the right state and then local sorting office.

• A zip code contains specific area codes that help those working in the postal service quickly identify mail that needs to go to a specific location. It helps them sort out mail going to similar or close by locations meaning a post man going out to work will be able to deliver as much mail as possible.

• If you do not put the zip code on the mail, especially when sending mail to someone abroad from Nigeria for example, you run the risk of it not being delivered at all or it turning up very late.

• When sending mail you need to write the city or town of the intended destination along with the state, the zip code and country. Even if it all seems to be too obvious, it is always better to write more information than you think the postal service will need than not providing enough information.

• There are some places that share the same street or even city names. If you do not put the city, zip code and country on a piece of mail, it could end up being delivered to the complete wrong location.

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