What country or person practice liberalism or conservatism?


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Currently, many countries and people practice both these qualities.

  • Britain
In Britain, the Conservatives currently share power with the Liberal Democrats. Their opponents are the Labour party. Therefore in theory, Britain could potentially practice both of these ways of leadership. The leader of the Conservatives is David Cameron, so he is a conservative person. The leader of the Liberal Democrats is Nick Clegg, so he is a liberal person.

  • USA
The USA is currently under liberal leadership, and the president is Barack Obama. Aristotle, the classical theorist, was a key thinker in liberal studies and in a way laid the foundations for liberalism. A key conservative theorist was Peter Viereck, who died in 2006. Liberalism and conservatism are both ways of thinking. Liberal thinkers tend to want equality and fairness for everyone, whilst traditionally, conservative thinkers want to have a class system and treat the rich better than the poor. They look after their own rather than considering other peoples values.

  • Ways of thinking
Each way of thinking has its flaws, and no one way is perfect.Everyone has their own thoughts on what these ways of thinking mean, and interpret them differently.
Everybody has an opinion on how their country should be run but their values may not be able to be met by a single party - no matter what they are. There will always be someone unhappy with the party that is in power.

Who practices conservatism and liberalism in countries can change every year in elections, and so is never set in stone. Who is in power and who practices these theories year to year can therefore vary considerably.

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