Why is Occupy Wall Street applying to trademark its name?


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Because they can.
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Didn't you know this was a campaign for college students who are about to graduate/ who are going to start a entrepreneurial company after they get enough recognition. This was all done to start up a company to make billions off the po just like bernie made off with the money did. In other words it's a front for another scamming of america.in other words they wanted to see if they could influence the po to be their face/on their side while they sit back and figure a way to make a business out of it. In other words just like all companies they are figuring a way to use the little guys backs to make their millions.only history will tell if this is the truth or not. : )
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In other words i would be willing to say this is all for a book deal and television appearances in the future after they have collected enough information to have a series of appearances and books ghost written.in other words a group of people will sudenly come out of the midst of these occupiers to announce their idea and make their fortune off this and the people they used.
Joseph Michael Wasik
Gathered out of what you said, this is a co-ordinated effort. However, the strings are being pulled by the unions, socialist/marxists and communists, code pink and by a few members of the administration.
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Sort of reminds me of a old radio show where they portrayed a alien invasion in small town america to see if the community would believe what they heard on the radio.except this time they are using the net and tv to test their theory. :). Only time will tell who the driving force behind the occupy wall street with no direction group is. : )
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It sounds like a corporate move on the OWS protestors' part, which is a bit hypocritical given their prime motives for protesting in the first place.

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