Would Mac make up be a good gift that I could get my mother for Christmas? JUST ASKING :)


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Janey Profile
Janey answered
For sure, as I'm planning to get my Mum a few beauty products to make up as gift set for Christmas as she loves the range.
Casey Fidgett Profile
Casey Fidgett answered
Depends of course on your mother's intrests, but if its a brand she likes then your good to go :D then again, mothers tend to pretend when it comes to the festive season, (trying not to hurt your feelings about your gift) so if your unsure why don't you drop subtle hints? Like: "Hey mom, I just love this make up brand! What about you?" If your reaaaaly desperate, you can ask her friends. They should know more or less. Haha! Imagine :P anyways, good luck and merry christmas! Xx

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