Why did the British Introduced morley minto reforms?


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After the unsatisfactory act of 1892,the Indians showed great agitation.There was unrest in India.One of the most important factor was the Hindu formation of a Hindu-extremest party known as Hindu Maha saba whose main goal was to eliminate the Muslims from India.Both the Muslims and the Hindus had formed their own political parties and wanted to participate in the government.
The protection of the Muslims was at stake and they were demanding a separate electorate to Muslims so they can safeguard their rights.The success of the Simla Deputation and the partation assured the Muslim self-confidence.The Muslim League opposed Hindu Maha saba and due to the deep agression reforms or an act was passed out.
Both the Hindus and the Muslims believed that both communities were separate.Another factor was the election of a Liberal party in Britain.The new British parliment appointed John Morley as the secretary of India who,after looking at the Indians realized the need for a new act.This act was to be passed to gain both Hindus and Muslims support.The demands of the Indian natives were given a voice.

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