What Were The Differences Between Aurangzeb And Akbar's Reforms?


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Akbar the great was a generous and a kind hearted man. He loved art and architecture, music and dances, he was equal to everyone, the hindus and the muslims. He had appointed many hindus on high positions in his court. He did this because he wanted to see his kingdom strong prosperous and united and also to consolidate his power.
Akbar made many reforms, mostly in favours of the hindus. In the whole history of the Mughal Empire Akbar was the only Emperor whom the hindus trusted. Akbar also married a Raj put ( Hindu ) princess, Jodha Bai. Akbar tired his best to bring the Muslims and Hindus together although for sometime there was peace amongst them but it didn't last very long.

Aurangzeb on the other hand was a total opposite of his Ancestor Akbar. He was a true Muslim and wanted his empire to be the same. He destroyed many Hindu temples and imposed the Jizya tax on them. Aurangzeb was a strict but a just ruler he was also a very good administrator. Aurangzeb, unlike his ancestors did not love architecture and not many monuments are credited to him. Aurangzeb disliked music and banned any form of music or dance in his kingdom.
The religious policies of Aurangzeb widened the gap between Hindus and Muslims. He had a very strong hand and is generally considered to be the last successful Mughal emperor.

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