How Did The World Come About?


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What you are asking about is what's known as a "Creation Myth". The Judeo-Christian story from the Bible is an example. There are many stories that date much further back, however.

As soon as man's brain was developed enough to wonder about his existence, he wondered 'why am I here' (and the answer was God) and wondered 'how did I get here?' and the creation myths are the answer to that question.

There are literally hundreds of documented creation myths, and you can find a bunch of them on Wikipedia:

Edit: The link, while looking normal, actually links you to the exact page!

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Dear defender,
It is a very complex thing. Different religions and further their sects have different beliefs and conceptions. If you are a Christian you will have different views than that of a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Jew.
Sorry I was of no relevant help!!

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