What Do The British Call Their Gasoline?


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I believe they call it "petrol"
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They cal it EXPENSIVE as it's over $8 a gallon as the British government TAX it so heavily.
But the real term is PETROL. Short for petroleum.

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That’s what I was kinda say. Lol
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It could be cheaper. So many people are being hit hard by the rising fuel prices with RV (Mobile Campers in UK) and Big Rig Companies threatened with going out of business.

People here in the US are making their own cheap fuel (gas) by downloading the instructions go to www.hhowater4gas.com has it started in the UK yet?
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Cute very cute
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Yep, they usually call it petrol, and it's measured in liters.
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 We call it petrol. It is very expensive here in UK. It is around £ 1-12 a litre

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