What do you think of a company that bans christmas parade for kids?


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It's their right as a private organization. I suspect that their intentions are good (in trying to be more inclusive of other religions during the holidays). I support that decision for a different reason though; I am against all of the commercialism and fanfare that Christmas has turned in to. Christmas shouldn't be about some magical fat man that gives you presents if you are good, it should be about families and friends celebrating unity, brevity and love.
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John commented
No it's suppose to be about the birth of the saviour Jesus the christ ,celebrating this together is part of the whole.besides how can you celebrate something without having the reason of the day to celebrate. That would be like celebrating any other religious holiday without the reason for the day their diety. It would be like celebrating your birthday without having you their to accept the gifts. Wouldn't make much sense unless your family exchanged gifts as a celebration of your life.hmmmm ?
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
Christmas evolved from the Pagan holiday of Yule, which was celebrated on the winter solstice. Traditions of the holiday included making a big meal for all of your friends and family, and exchanging hand-made gifts. Besides, I may be an atheist, but I was not raised as such, and I am the only atheist in my family. I still celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, but without any religious attachments.
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Pitiful...and sad!! Poor kids ..it's not like they believe for a long time. It seems they could enjoy some parades in the meantime.
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They changed their mind today after receiving thousands of e-mails and phone calls. : )
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I don't see why they can't just be honest and give it the proper pagan name of Yuletide, the Winter Solstice celebration which the Church hijacked. After all, the historical Jesus was actually born in October, no?
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David Lill
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Pagans Already Have a Holiday,It's Called Earth Day.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
Ha ha didn't even see this answer when I posted my response about Yule; should have figured you'd beat me to it.
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I would ban My Buiness with that Company.Yes It's their as a private Company not to have a Christmas Parade but It's MY right as a Customer not to do Buiness with them.
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See ya! How dare they. I'm sure the city can start a campaign for everyone to give a dollar to make up for lost sponsorship. Since you know about it, get the link for the article. Put it here. I'll e-mail to friends and newsgroups. Sure others will too. Sooner or later the media will jump on it.
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John commented
They changed their mind :) after this story got out yesterday and they recieved thousands of phone calls and e-mails clogging their computers/e-mails and phone lines up.they asked american family radio to tell their listensers to stop calling and e-mailing.hahahahahahaha.
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Happy to hear it.

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