Who Was The First President Of Pakistan?


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Iskander Ali Mirza was the first president of "Islamic republic of Pakistan". He was fourth Governor-General of Pakistan, and then he was swap as a president. In 1956 he takes precedence by Ghulam Muhammad (3rd Governor General of Pakistan) as Governor General of Pakistan

Syed Iskander Ali Mirza was born in Bombay, India In a family of the Mir Jafar, who had let down Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daulah of Bengal with help of British. He was born in November 13, 1899 in a well-known Bengali feudal family and raised in Bombay.

He was early educated at Elphin-stone College; he gets army training in Sandhurst academy in England. After his training he was placed into the British Indian Army. In 1926 he joined Indian Political Service as an assistant commissioner, 1931 he was promoted as a district officer, later he served in the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, as a Joint Secretary

In 1956, Pakistan found country's first constitution, and the status of Governor-General was exchange by the President. The two were fundamentally the same posts, but Iskander Mirza was officially elected by the assembly as a President first President of "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". During his exile in London he died due to severe heart-attack in London, 12th November 1969. Yahya Khan's government refused to allow his dead body to bury in his own country; Iskander Mirza body was taken to Tehran (Capital of Iran), and buried in Iran.
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National flower of pakistan
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Muhammad Ali Jinnah
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The first president of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was known as Qaide Aazam as well as father of the nationa.

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