Who Was The Third Governor General Of Pakistan?


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Your question is very interesting and it is related to the history of Pakistan. You've asked about the third Governor General of Pakistan. And what was his role in the history of Pakistan. In the history of Pakistan, Pakistan only saw 2 great Governor Generals. And after that there was corruption in all fields of government in Pakistan.
Pakistan's first 2 Governor Generals were Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Khawaja Nazimudin. They both were sincere with the country. While Khawaja Nazimudin resigned as Governor General to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Cabinet selected Ghulam Muhammad as the third Governor General of Pakistan. And it was one of the worst decisions in the history of Pakistan. Because after he has assumed the seat of Governor General he started to dominate the affairs of the country. And Khawaja Nazimudin became a powerless Prime Minister. And later Khawaja Nazimudin and Cabinet tried to challenge the authority of Ghulam Muhammad. Ghulam Muhammad used bureaucracy and military officials to dismiss the Prime Minister.
So Mr. Ghulam Muhammad was the third Governor General of Pakistan. And he was over thrown by acting Governor General named Sikandar Mirza when he was under the attack of paralysis. Ghulam Muhammad died in 1956.
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The third governor general of Pakistan was Malik Ghulam Mohammad. He was one of the most influential politicians in the Pakistani establishment during his time. Born in 1895 in Lahore, Ghulam Mohammad first served Pakistan as the Finance Minister, when it was born in 1947. He was Finance Minister under the Premiership of Liaqat Ali Khan. After Liaqat Ali Khan's death, the then governor general Khwaja Nazimuddin resigned to succeed Liaqat Ali Khan as the Prime Minister. This left the governor general's post vacant, and Ghulam Mohammad thus became the third governor general of Pakistan.

During his tenure as governor general, he rendered the Prime Minister Khwaja Nazimuddin powerless, literally. Ghulam Mohammad made full use of the powers granted him by the provisional constitution of Pakistan to dismiss Khwaja Nazimuddin's government and enabled Muhammad Ali Bogra, the then Pakistani ambassador to the USA, to become the next Prime Minister. When the constituent assembly of Pakistan divested the governor general's powers by amending the constitution, he dissolved the constituent assembly itself. Ghulam Mohammad became a paralytic later, and during his leave of absence, was summarily removed from his post by the acting governor general, Iskander Mirza. Ghulam Mohammad died a while later, in 1956.
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The third Governor General of Pakistan was Ghulam Muhammad, who became a controversial figure when he was involved in the following activities.
He forced the Prime Minister Khwaja Nazimuddin to resign from the office and when the latter refused to do so ,the former announced his dismissal from the post in 1953. M.Ali Bogra was the next to succeed him.He had performed as Pakistan's ambassador in two or three countries.M.Ali Bogra was appointed with the cabinet ,solely chosen by the Governor-General himself.In addition to that ,he continue the opposing politicians by the penalties of PRODA but when this Constituent Assembly tried criticize the Governor-General's discretionary powers ,allotted by Indian Act 1935,he dissolved it too on 24 October 1954 claiming charges of unsatisfactory performance.
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Dear Sweetie,,

Your questions is very important in the filed of general knowledge. The third governal general of pakistan is General Sweetie Mohammad. But he did not long live in his life. .

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