Who Is The Current Governor Of Florida?


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Richard Lynn Scott (aka Rick Scott) is the current governor of the state of Florida.

He is the 45th governor of the 'sunshine state' and is well-known for having pumped over $75 million of his own money into his 2010 election campaign.

Rick Scott- Governor of Florida

Interesting facts about Rick Scott include the following:

  • He served in the US navy (1971-1974).
  • He is a qualified lawyer, business executive and venture capitalist.
  • He co-founded Columbia Hospital Corporation at the age of 34.
  • He merged CHC with another medical corporation to become the CEO of the largest for-profit. Private healthcare company in the United States).
  • He is worth over $103 million (after having spent $75 million of his own money on his 2010 election campaign).
  • He's a republican
  • He's an Evangelical Christian
  • He was actually born in Illinois
  • Before moving to Tallahassee (Florida's state capital) he lived in Naples, Florida.
Rick Scott's track record

Rick Scott's 20110 campaign catchphrase was 'Let's Get To Work', reflecting his desire to curb the unemployment trend that worries many Floridians.

According to a report by Fox News, Scott is making good. Unemployment figures in Florida for the month of June 2012 sit at 8.6%. A considerable drop from the 10.7% it was this time last year.

As well as unemployment, Rick Scott also targets reforms in education and fraud prevention.
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Florida basically is a state situated in south-eastern United States. A major section of the state is a big peninsula, with the Gulf of Mexico located toward the west and Atlantic Ocean towards the east.

The current governor of Florida is Charlie Joseph Crist, Jr. He is a well-known American politician belonging to the Republican Party.

Crist started his political career representing certain sections of St. Petersburg in the Florida Senate, where he became popular for offering support to state prison inmates.

During his term, Crist was praised by civil rights and consumer groups for increasing the authority of the Attorney General. He has also received a lot of critical acclaim for his efforts in combating spam e-mail. During his tenure he also stated that teachers should at least earn $100,000 on yearly basis.

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