How do you feel about Donald Trump leading the "Republican" poll? I find it hilarious.


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

One thing that ticks me off about the Republican party is that they are cowards. I like that Trump is not allowing the media and the other parties affect what he is saying. I do, however, think that Trump need to redirect his words and start talking about his solutions to the problems instead of just talking about the problems. He makes alot of points about the border; how does he intend on closing the border and how does he intend on keeping it closed and secure. 

I would like to hear his ideas in how to solve our nations problems. Best of luck to you.

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Shinypate one answered

At this point in the race, it's the flavor of the week.  However, he is sucking all the oxygen from the room and the people below him are suffering from the media fascination with him; once he is on a debate stage, we can gauge his candidacy. If his numbers are still high once everyone is compared, I would consider him a legit contender. 

He does not need to raise hundreds of millions because he can self-fund. There hasn't been a successful self-funder ever.

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I think an avacado would run the country better

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He is a showman and a sensationalist. It is far too early to take his current so-called popularity serious. I believe most folks who have input to polls favor him as a form of rebellion. Yet on the other hand this is the USA, way back when no one ever thought a catholic would be elected president; or an actor would be elected president, or a black man would be elected president. So who is to say a clown can't be elected president.

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