How does it make you feel knowing so many people are blindly following a person like Donald Trump?


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It makes me think there are a lot of closet racists and bigots hidden away among grassroots Republicans. Who else would support such a person? He has no political acumen, he has no diplomacy, he has little if any humanity. Surely some of the other candidates were more acceptable.

One of my Republican friends (in Minnesota) said she would be embarrassed to be represented by such a man. She's a genuinely nice person. She likes people. She said that Trump does NOT speak for her.

The success of his campaign may have revealed a very unpleasant side of American politics and society.

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End of the world. Anti-Christ.

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Ray Dart
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According to one interpretation of Nostradamus (Encarta) the end of the world will be in 2024. Just about the end of a Trump second term. (I am joking, of course).
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Yep and yep 😣
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His lack of a mouth filter has a great potential of pissing off other countries. This scares me.

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Personally ... While the possibility of a Trump Presidency worries me ... I find it all quite refreshing.  All those closet bigots are now out of hiding, and we can see exactly who they are.

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It's not really surprising. For everyone who thinks they're an average person there's going to be that one half of the population sitting on the other side that's labelled as below average.

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