Does the rise of Donald Trump tell you how many stupid Americans there are or does it tell you something else?


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There's an element of thoughtlessness (I won't call it stupidity) in the Trump phenomenon, and it's an element that exists in all countries and among the true believers in ALL political parties.

Most people (and I'm one of them) have insufficient knowledge of politics to stand above the mess and assess the issues analytically. The majority of those (and I'm NOT one of this lot) vote for the same party, year after year, in the mistaken, almost religious belief, that their party is best for them and perhaps even best for the country.

Trump and his publicists are expert at manipulating the mob to get what they want. If anything, his support says less about American "stupidity" than it does about the racism and bigotry of the average voter.

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The only thing it tells me is that the other options are that worse.

There's Hilary Clinton, who justified the rap of a 12 year old girl years ago by saying she was "asking for it".

There's Bernie Sanders, who's gullible, a crack head, and whatever idiotic things teenagers believes, he agrees with. His ideas of the government remind me of people who believe that the Holocaust didn't happen.

And then, there's Ted Cruz, presumed to be the Zodiac Killer, but doesn't get talked about much.

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So are you saying if you're accused of a gruesome murder, the lawyer defending you is justifying murder and should in no way take into account possible evidence or what you have to say?

So are you saying wonderfully happy countries like Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland are run by teenagers who believed the Holocaust never happened?

Are you the Zodiac killer? I mean your lawyer was speaking in terms which rural conservatives had trouble deciphering so instead they translated it to the murder victims were "asking for it".
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It's odd. He's lost way more money than he has ever made but he is still seen as a "successful businessman".

Almost everyone who has had close dealings with him professes personal dislike but he is seen as having "the Common Touch".

He says really stupid things, and then does it again, and again, but after a day of examination it is all forgotten.

I fear for your country.

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I wouldn't call Americans stupid. I would say Americans are fed up with politics, BS with Congress, Republicans and that ignorant foolish manipulative donkey John Boehner.

So any donkey Donald that spews out rhetoric, stupidity ignorance, hate, possible war, craziness they just jump on the bandwagon. Good news he won't win.

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If you consider yourself average there's still that other 50% or so of the population that are dumber than you. That's how I look at it.

I vote Republican on the local scale. It's completely different on the national level. Sometimes I ask myself, are these really Republicans? The people running, maybe. Anyone running for office has Republican values in my opinion, regardless of party affiliation or beliefs. But the voters... Sometimes I'm scratching my head asking what in the world are they doing?

Recently 50,000 or so people in Pennsylvania switched to Republican.

“Many of them are Reagan Democrats – white, working-class, BLUE COLLAR, incomes of $35,000 to $40,000 or less, HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION OR LESS.”

“They feel frustrated, they feel left behind”

"...voice fears about shifting socioeconomic conditions that have left them struggling to keep up..."

And these people think that decreasing the tax rate on however much I make over a certain point from 39.9% to 35.9% is somehow going to "help" them. I'm a bit baffled.

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Lets take his "plan" into consideration. He pretty much spat in Mexico face awhile back. Now he wants to build a wall and have them help build it. Either they're going to build it out of cardboard stuck together with tape and littered with derogatory graffiti of Donald Trump or they're not going to do anything at all.

Foreign diplomacy for you.
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I don't consider IQ as a measure of anything other than a diagnostic tool for children development. Just as much I consider a Mensa membership having any value on a resume.
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It really does not matter to reality what your considerations are and missing the point entirely tells me all I need to know about you.

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I don't think it's comes down to frustration, desire, vulnerability, change, etc. The American citizens are sick and tired of the political system and just love the things that Trump is spewing on TV. They think that everything he mentions will happen overnight, if he gets in office.

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I think people are sick of the usual politicians getting very little done.  Most of us on both sides of the isle know that if most of these politicians worked for private companies and preformed that way, they'd be out of a job!!!

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The fact that about 2/3 of eligible Americans don't vote, tells me how stupid they are.

For example: In Ferguson Missouri ... The blacks were upset about a cop shooting a black person.  They demanded changes.  Yet less than 1/3 of eligible blacks voted in local elections.  >  A simple demonstration of their voting power would have led to changes far before the tragedy. 

The non-voters only have themselves to blame for government actions.

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Trump draws voters. He speaks mostly to middle and low class republicans. Poorer and angrier than ever, they need their hatred to be fed. Honestly, as a Canadian, i fear the outcome of all this, but i'm pretty sure most americans aren't that stupid.

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That is a very good question ., and not an easy one to  answer.  It boggles my mind as to how popular he has become in this election.  His lewd and  Arrogant nature speaks volumes about his character  ..  Even though his reputation for being a successful business person speaks for itself. I have been following this election quite closely and  just today I caught a glimpse of him making a speech and thought I would give it a listen  .. Hoping to hear what he plans on doing for the country if he were elected ..  Instead I heard him rant about the eating habits of one of his competitors ..about  How "disgusting" it was.  His petty and non-flattering method of conversing with the media  seems to overshadow any opportunity he should take advantage to inspire voters  with any hope that he should be the one elected .. Yet again he wastes this critical time to make a difference with utter nonsense .. This also speaks loudly of his character ..  And not in a good way .

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The reason trump is winning is he using his own money. Second usa citizens are sick of congress and senate doing nothing. Third this past sunday cbs60 minutes tv show has congress using 30hrs a week dialing for dollars for political contributions

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It tells me how effective he is at gaining attention and applying it to his advantage. Though it's terrible promotion, he's displaying a different front than the other runners.

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Dear Zack,

No...the rise of Donald Trump is not due to stupidity...

I grew up in a rural, blue-collar logging community Washington State. People are so plain-spoken that "if they do not insult you, they do not like you." Here, politeness is an expression of dislike. But then if you are in trouble, everybody comes to your aid.

Donald Trump is plain-spoken and insulting, people here like that.

Honor, integrity, truth, fairness, independence...Donald Trump is seen as a self-made man, smart, and will restore lost freedoms and opportunity for the average person, eliminating government control and greed.

Everywhere I go in the US I meet rural people just like my homefolks...  I understand them instantly. But I think they are wrong about Trump, and now July 2016 I am getting a little worried.

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